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Airline Timetable Delay statistics
Country : CU
> DeparturesFlightDestinationTime
MondayCU888Santiago (CU)00:40
MondayCU870Frank Pais Airport (CU)06:40
MondayCU800Rafael Cabrera Airport (CU)07:12
MondayCU804Rafael Cabrera Airport (CU)17:37
MondayCU854Ign Agramonte International Airport (CU)18:20
MondayCU886Antonio Maceo Airport (CU)18:50
TuesdayCU826Baracoa Airport (CU)06:10
TuesdayCU9860Jardines del Rey Airport (CU)06:40
TuesdayCU9844Cayo Largo Del Sur Airport (CU)07:11
TuesdayCU888Santiago (CU)11:40
TuesdayCU802Nueva Gerona (CU)12:47
TuesdayCU804Nueva Gerona (CU)17:37
WednesdayCU9860Jardines del Rey Airport (CU)06:10
WednesdayCU880Antonio Maceo Airport (CU)06:40
WednesdayCU312Simon Bolivar Airport (VE)07:10
WednesdayCU800Rafael Cabrera Airport (CU)07:12
WednesdayCU820Los Canos Airport (CU)10:30
WednesdayCU2360Ministro Pistarini Airport (AR)11:40
WednesdayCU874Frank Pais Airport (CU)12:40
WednesdayCU804Rafael Cabrera Airport (CU)17:37
WednesdayCU9862Jardines del Rey Airport (CU)18:20
WednesdayCU886Antonio Maceo Airport (CU)18:50
ThursdayCU870Frank Pais Airport (CU)06:10
ThursdayCU800Rafael Cabrera Airport (CU)07:12
ThursdayCU888Antonio Maceo Airport (CU)11:50
ThursdayCU804Nueva Gerona (CU)17:37
ThursdayCU876Frank Pais Airport (CU)19:09
FridayCU9860Jardines del Rey Airport (CU)06:10
FridayCU884Antonio Maceo Airport (CU)06:40
FridayCU9844Cayo Largo Del Sur Airport (CU)07:11
FridayCU800Rafael Cabrera Airport (CU)10:12
FridayCU804Nueva Gerona (CU)17:37
FridayCU886Santiago (CU)18:50
SaturdayCU1310Caracas (VE)06:10
SaturdayCU880Antonio Maceo Airport (CU)06:40
SaturdayCU1312Caracas (VE)07:10
SaturdayCU800Rafael Cabrera Airport (CU)07:12
SaturdayCU874Holguin (CU)12:40
SaturdayCU804Rafael Cabrera Airport (CU)17:37
SaturdayCU886Antonio Maceo Airport (CU)18:50
SundayCU826Baracoa Airport (CU)05:40
SundayCU9860Jardines del Rey Airport (CU)06:10
SundayCU130Mexico City (MX)06:10
SundayCU360Buenos Aires (AR)11:40
SundayCU152Cancun (MX)16:25
SundayCU876Frank Pais Airport (CU)17:10
SundayCU804Rafael Cabrera Airport (CU)17:37
> ArrivalsFlightOriginTime
MondayCU889Antonio Maceo Airport (CU)05:20
MondayCU801Rafael Cabrera Airport (CU)09:07
MondayCU361Jardines del Rey Airport (CU)09:16
MondayCU871Frank Pais Airport (CU)11:00
MondayCU885Antonio Maceo Airport (CU)17:00
MondayCU805Rafael Cabrera Airport (CU)19:32
MondayCU855Ign Agramonte International Airport (CU)22:00
MondayCU887Antonio Maceo Airport (CU)23:30
TuesdayCU887Antonio Maceo Airport (CU)04:00
TuesdayCU9845Cayo Largo Del Sur Airport (CU)08:58
TuesdayCU9861Jardines del Rey Airport (CU)09:40
TuesdayCU827Baracoa Airport (CU)11:30
TuesdayCU803Rafael Cabrera Airport (CU)14:42
TuesdayCU889Antonio Maceo Airport (CU)16:20
TuesdayCU805Rafael Cabrera Airport (CU)19:32
TuesdayCU471Antonio Maceo Airport (CU)20:50
TuesdayCU877Frank Pais Airport (CU)23:30
WednesdayCU9861Jardines del Rey Airport (CU)09:10
WednesdayCU801Rafael Cabrera Airport (CU)09:07
WednesdayCU881Antonio Maceo Airport (CU)11:20
WednesdayCU821Los Canos Airport (CU)15:50
WednesdayCU313Simon Bolivar Airport (VE)17:26
WednesdayCU875Frank Pais Airport (CU)17:00
WednesdayCU805Rafael Cabrera Airport (CU)19:32
WednesdayCU9863Jardines del Rey Airport (CU)21:20
WednesdayCU887Antonio Maceo Airport (CU)23:30
ThursdayCU2361Ministro Pistarini Airport (AR)07:20
ThursdayCU801Rafael Cabrera Airport (CU)09:07
ThursdayCU871Frank Pais Airport (CU)10:30
ThursdayCU889Antonio Maceo Airport (CU)17:30
ThursdayCU805Rafael Cabrera Airport (CU)19:32
ThursdayCU877Frank Pais Airport (CU)23:30
FridayCU9861Jardines del Rey Airport (CU)09:10
FridayCU9845Cayo Largo Del Sur Airport (CU)08:58
FridayCU885Antonio Maceo Airport (CU)11:20
FridayCU801Rafael Cabrera Airport (CU)12:07
FridayCU471A. Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport (ES)18:58
FridayCU805Rafael Cabrera Airport (CU)19:32
FridayCU887Antonio Maceo Airport (CU)23:30
FridayCU877Frank Pais Airport (CU)23:30
SaturdayCU801Rafael Cabrera Airport (CU)09:07
SaturdayCU881Antonio Maceo Airport (CU)11:20
SaturdayCU385Panama City (PA)11:43
SaturdayCU1311Caracas (VE)14:35
SaturdayCU875Frank Pais Airport (CU)17:00
SaturdayCU805Rafael Cabrera Airport (CU)19:32
SaturdayCU887Antonio Maceo Airport (CU)23:30
SundayCU9861Jardines del Rey Airport (CU)09:10
SundayCU827Baracoa Airport (CU)11:00
SundayCU131Mexico City (MX)12:30
SundayCU803Rafael Cabrera Airport (CU)14:12
SundayCU821Los Canos Airport (CU)15:50
SundayCU153Cancun International Airport (MX)19:45
SundayCU805Rafael Cabrera Airport (CU)19:32
SundayCU877Frank Pais Airport (CU)21:30
Disclaimer : the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.

The last delays recently noted:

AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
CU153 on 08/2019
CU153 on 08/2019
CU975 on 07/2019
CU264 on 07/2019
CU975 on 07/2019
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